Jenna Shamoon

Assistant Manager

Jenna came over to Whistler Contemporary Gallery from Hamilton, Ontario. After graduating from York University with an MA in Art History, Jenna worked as an independent curator creating exhibitions in Hamilton and Toronto, and has also worked in public galleries and in the field of fine art appraisal.

“I am happy to be stepping back into the world of Contemporary art! I'm excited for the opportunity to help clients grow their collections as well as build relationships with the many wonderful artists we represent.”

Drink of Choice: Dark and Stormy

Jessica Wardle-Twitchen

Senior Art Consultant

Jessica grew up in the historic city of Oxfordshire, England, before moving to Whistler for a life of world-class, part time mountain riding and full time art consulting!

“I studied Fine Art at university in Bristol. With the city being a hub for the culture and arts scene in England, myself and nine others set up Latch, a gallery that aimed to provide a platform for emerging artists to showcase their practice. Finding an artwork you love is rare to find. So, assisting people acquire beautiful works to bring them daily joy and inspiration is my favourite part about being an art consultant.”

Drink of Choice: There’s some things Canadians do get right - one of them being a Caesar with extra celery salt!

Mandy Pentland

Mandy grew up in White Rock, BC. She has been actively involved in the art world since she could hold a paint brush. She began her Communications and Design degree in Victoria, BC and Halifax, Nova Scotia ending her education back home in Vancouver at Emily Carr University. After graduating, she spent the following years working as a Graphic Designer and Photographer in the Health and Publication Industry, eventually finding herself in Los Angeles working in Public Relations. Mandy values connections and communications and enjoys facilitating clients and their homes with the perfect artworks.

"It is an incredible gift to see the heart long for and appreciate beauty. To assist clients in finding artworks that fill them and their homes with joy, engagement and curiosity."

Drink of Choice: Dark and Stormy

Tara Ryan

Tara grew up in Ontario and moved to Whistler "for a winter" in 2003.

“I love everything about the mountains and when I'm not in the Gallery I'm out exploring or painting them. I studied Art and Marketing in College and have worked in those fields for the majority of my career. Seeing how a particular painting can overwhelm the viewer with pure joy is one of my favourite things about being an Art Consultant.”

Drink of Choice: A Dusty's Voyager is a great way to end the ski day

Tara Wolters

Business Manager

Tara grew up on Vancouver Island and eventually landed in Vancouver to head to Business School. Craving the small town feel again, she moved up to Squamish and started working at Creative Contemporary West as our Business Manager. Bringing over 20 years of experience in luxury retail, distribution and management, she is excited to explore her new direction in the art world. 

“Art brings people joy and happiness, helping our clients place beautiful works in their homes is an amazing experience, one that I’m proud to be a part of.”

Drink of Choice: Tara will never turn down a nice glass of wine.


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